T-SMOOTH has come a long way from his church choir roots and basement studio sound to the up and coming artist that he is now.  Born Tony King in east Oakland in the late 70s, he attended Brookfield Elementary until the fifth grade and then transferred to Vallejo, CA. T-SMOOTH is on the move again, but this time he is now coming into your neighborhood with his first album NEIGHBORHOOD FACTOR.


T-SMOOTH says, “The whole aspect of music is to live it for real.” With music flowing through his veins with every performance, he can deliver with the intensity of life itself.


Featuring other artists such as San Quinn, Daz Dillenger, Turf Talk, The Federation, and Doff Capone, NEIGHBORHOOD FACTOR has “a game tight line up for a game tight player.” 


Contact info: (707) 655-3032

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Lil Weed is an artist with a heart and a message to tell. Born Steven Walker in Vallejo, CA in 1976, he was raised by his mother and grandmother, being influenced not only by their southern morals and values of respect and discipline but also, by the R&B tunes they listened to including those by the Whispers, the Stylistics, Confunkshun, Sugar Hill Gang, Johnny Guitar Watson, Otis Redding and Bobby Womack. What drew him in were the stories the songs told and the quality and the content the music have, something he feels is lacking in the mainstream music industry today. Now he is ready to fill that void with the release of his first album Split Personalities.


Lil Weed is not the one to shy away from topics and issues that mainstream music industry stay clear from. He is willing to address issues and topics that include religion, raising children, politics, investing, love, and home. He states, “I want to keep people thinking.”


And indeed, he does, with each song he packs plenty of information, but he does this with an immediacy addressing the young and old alike but with much heartfelt intention. In his album Split Personalities, he shows the different aspects that make up his own experience or identity that is formed from two types of education, one from college and that of the streets, growing up without a strong male influence.


Songs to watch for are “Slow Yo Roll” about what he described as “not being conscientious of God and His coming,” “Sista, Sista” which originated from a poem about the appreciation of what a woman supposed to be, “Young Brothers” which is a message to children not to grow too fast, and “Baby Fat” which describes an attraction to a woman’s beauty.”


His first recollection of how music started to play a role in his life was at age 5. Later he was involved with rap and poetry.  But it was not until his lil cousin A.B 1 0 introduced him to the studio and he heard himself on the mic for the first 16 bars of “The Next Knock Is On Me” in 1998, that he was really hooked.


LiL WeeD opened for Khadaffi of the Young D Boys at Club Choi’s in Vallejo, CA in 2004. He also opened for for Matty Wack of the Young B Boys. He also toured with the hiphop crew GB (On Hit Records).


“My purpose is to reach people and give a positive message. I have a story to tell. Times are changing. We take things for granted. We need to be grateful.”


With diversity in sound and subject and unique delivery that is both moving and insightful, Lil Weed’s Split Personalities is sure to uplift and enlighten.


“I feel that with what God has blessed me with this gift, this mouthpiece, intellect, motivation, and faith, there [is] nothing to stand in my way lyrically.”


LiL WeeD
T- Smooth
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